Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Dayton Works Plus partnership really grew out of a desire to create new, green jobs to replace manufacturing jobs. Unlike factory jobs, deconstruction positions cannot be outsourced.
The deconstruction not only diverts valuable lumber, trim, doors, windows, lighting, mantels and architectural features from the landfill, it provides a wonderful way to help builders and architects meet LEED certification.

Use of materials acquired through deconstruction can be an important part of securing more points during the LEED certification process.

Grand Opening of the Deconstruction Depot

Dayton Works Plus, East End Community Services, St. Vincent de Paul Dayton, PowerNet and Architectural Reclamation Company has developed a Deconstruction Depot that is located at 945 S Edwin C Moses Blvd.

The Deconstruction Depot contains lumber, doors, windows, cabinets, lighting and other materials from the first five homes that have been deconstructed in Dayton.

Deconstruction is the "green" way to remove vacant, abandoned homes in Dayton. This project is being completed through a contract with the City of Dayton to remove such homes.

These first five homes are part of a larger project to create green, energy efficient new homes in the Twin Towers neighborhood of east Dayton.